Joshua Tree Forest

The Joshua Tree Forest is quite interesting.  You will find it about 30 miles north of Wickenburg on US 93.  (Many Phoenicians have seen these trees because this route is also the most direct one from Phoenix to Las Vegas.)  In October, the Joshua trees are in a state of distress after having gone through the brutal Arizona summers where temperatures in the desert can reach in excess of 110° and never get cooler than 100° at night.

This first picture was taken at about 4:30 pm as the sun was rapidly setting.  I like the patterns  that the many branches of the Joshua tree make against the blue sky.

My vantage point changed on the next photo.  This is a different tree and I have included a hint of the mountains in the background.  My position was below the tree in a ravine so the mountains were not prominently displayed.  The sun was setting to the left side of center and back lit the tree and surrounding brambles.

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