About Charly

As an elementary school teacher from August to May and an avid photographer June, July, weekends, and any other free time I can eek out of my busy schedule, I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures and the challenge of getting that perfect shot.  My husband, Tom, my soul mate and best friend,  supports my obsession with photography and helps to fund my ever-growing ‘wish list’ of camera equipment and lighting gear.  I reciprocate by watching many, many hours of sports on TV and occasionally at the stadium, arena, or ball park.

As a ‘newbee’ photographer, a step above ‘wannabe’, I have taught myself most of the basics but have also gleaned a boat-load of knowledge from my sons, Michael and James, and my shooting buddy, Jamirae.  In fact, Michael was the impetus for me becoming a stock photographer in the first place, and for that I thank him.

I sell my images exclusively at iStockphoto.com.

Click here to see my iStockphoto.com portfolio of over 400 images.

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