Food Photography

I have become very interested in food photography and have read several books and watched many online tutorials about how to do it.  This page is the chronicle of my endeavors to get it right with photos and tidbits to share as I progress with my learning.

Photographing Food

Freshly baked and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar, these lemon bars are sweet to the taste with a bit of tang.

Food photography seems like it should be easy.  Get a tasty looking food dish, arrange it pleasingly to the eye, then shoot.  The odd thing about photographing ‘real’ food though is that it doesn’t always look good enough to eat.  Take these lemon bars; while they did not pose a photographer’s nightmare, they did require multiple shots and some manipulations in Photoshop of the white balance and the exposure to keep the lemon filling from looking gray.

Challenge: Foods That Are Cold

Whipped topping is looking a little soupy.

There is quite a learning curve photographing foods that look best seconds after they are plated. This image of chocolate pudding is showing signs of ‘melting’ right before your eyes. The other element that makes this photo less than perfect are the lint particles from drying the glass container that can be seen when enlarged to 100%. When you are taking shots with a good DSLR camera just be aware that everything shows up: dust, lint, fingerprints, etc.

Hero Foods

These 'hero' strawberries were the best specimens from the carton I bought.

When shooting images of fruits, vegetables, or other whole foods, you need to find the perfect example.  In the food photography biz these models of perfection are called ‘heroes’.  These strawberries were the heroes from a whole carton and even as that, they have some cosmetic issues.



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